Living on the ocean, we think a great deal about water and our environment. Despite its apparent abundance, clean freshwater is a scarce and invaluable resource. By promoting a message of water positivity, we aim to shed light on global water scarcity and inspire positive change in how we manage our precious water resources and our environment.

Be Water Positive

Our mission is to build awareness of what it means to be water positive while aiming to be the first Canadian sailor to complete the Vendée Globe.

What is ‘Be Water Positive’?


A company or user of freshwater resources is defined as Water Positive when they are contributing positively to freshwater resources e.g. they are contributing more to freshwater resources than they are using.


Ways in which we can all contribute to Be Water Positive


  • Reducing – reduce the water footprint we currently have.
  • Re-using – reuse water as much as possible to aim for a net-zero water footprint.
  • Desalination – produce more fresh water through sustainable desalination to become water positive.

Why have we adopted Be Water Positive as our purpose?


The oceans provide our racecourse, and we see first-hand an abundance of water, yet this is not useable to us a means of sustaining ourselves. We also see the effects of pollution & climate change and reflect on how water scarcity affects so many people around the world and how vital it is to all human life.


Desalination technology, resource and waste management are all critical processes to us as an offshore racing team. These processes are also becoming critical to providing water to many nations around the world.


With our Canadian team heritage, water scarcity wasn’t an issue we considered properly; Canada is a country rich in freshwater resources. However, having spent time on the oceans being surrounded by water which is not useable to us, we now have a new perspective,


The UN have identified water scarcity as a growing global crisis and have launched the Water Action Decade to mobilise action that will help transform how we manage water.

How are we going to Be Water Positive?


The team will work with some of the biggest organisations in the Water Positive space to help promote their message and provide education and training on how the re-use and protection of water is vital to our planet.


We want to use our physical and digital platform to take the Be Water Positive message to a global audience and equip people everywhere with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their water use.