Canada Ocean Racing, founded by Scott Shawyer, is a professional offshore sailing team competing in the IMOCA Globe Series. They are promoting the message of water positivity while training to participate in the gruelling Vendée Globe Race 2028

Our Mission

To build awareness of what water positivity means through our key partnerships and by promoting the UN Water Action Decade.

To be the first Canadian to complete the Vendée Globe while building a world-class North American offshore sailing team.

Be Water Positive

Scott Shawyer

“Through my experiences on the oceans, I’ve come to think a great deal about water, despite its abundance, it is a scarce and invaluable resource for sustaining all life. As Canadians, we are privileged to take freshwater for granted, but now, as Be Water Positive, we recognize the urgent need for responsible water management. Embracing this new purpose allows us to shed light on the global water scarcity and inspire positive change. Together with our key partners we can make a significant impact by promoting water positivity

Our Boat

Our boat, named EMIRA, is an IMOCA 60 racing yacht. Designed and built to sail in the most remote oceans on our planet.