Canada Ocean Racing, founded by Scott Shawyer, is a Canadian Offshore Sailing Team competing in the IMOCA Globe Series including the infamous race, the Vendée Globe.

Our Mission

Scott Shawyer is attempting to be the first Canadian to complete one of the most difficult sporting challenges on the planet – the solo, non-stop, unassisted sailing race around the world called The Vendée Globe.


Canada Ocean Racing will build and lead a world-class offshore sailing venture, and in doing so, inspire the next generation and create a strong foundation for the continued development of the sport in Canada.

Our Cause

Living on the ocean, we think a great deal about water and our environment. Despite its apparent abundance, clean freshwater is a scarce and invaluable resource. By promoting a message of water positivity, we aim to shed light on global water scarcity and inspire positive change in how we manage our precious water resources and our environment.


Scott Shawyer

“Life is what you make of it and it can be an amazing adventure!


It wasn’t until I was in COVID lockdown working 12 hours a day that the coin dropped. I hadn’t been outside in days and I came across the start of the 2020 Vendée Globe. The skippers walked down the dock, got on their boats, threw off their masks, and set out to sail around the world. They were setting out not just to sail around the world, but to compete in a race that is arguably the toughest sporting challenge on the planet!


At that moment, I realized that I wanted that – the challenge, the passion, the excitement – something to have me excited to get out of bed in the morning, something to put an extra bounce in my step, something to really energize my soul.


We are all capable of achieving almost anything we set our minds to, and we can all choose our own adventure. This is mine, what is yours?”

Our Boat

Our boat, named EMIRA, is an IMOCA 60 racing yacht. Designed and built to sail in the most remote oceans on our planet.