Canada Ocean Racing, founded by Scott Shawyer, is a new Canadian Offshore Sailing Team competing in the IMOCA Globe Series including the infamous race, the Vendée Globe.

Our Mission

Scott Shawyer will compete in the Vendée Globe in 2028, aiming to become the first Canadian to finish this solo, non-stop, race around the world.


 Canada Ocean Racing will build and lead a world-class offshore sailing organization in Canada, and in doing so, inspire the next generation, while creating a strong foundation for the continued development of the sport across the nation.


Scott Shawyer

“Life is an adventure, and life is what you make of it.

Inspired by the skippers sailing solo round the world in the Vendée Globe in 2020, I have committed myself to my own adventure to Compete, Lead and Inspire in a new offshore sailing venture – Canada Ocean Racing.

I will compete in the pinnacle race of offshore sailing, the Vendée Globe, and in doing so we will create a foundation for the continued development of offshore sailing in Canada, inspiring the next generation, that they too can chose their own journey.

We are all capable of achieving anything we set our minds to, and we can all choose our own adventure. This is mine, what will yours be?”

Our Boat

Our boat, named EMIRA, is an IMOCA 60 racing yacht. Designed and built to sail in the most remote oceans on our planet.