Stay refreshed at the Liberty Race with Revival Beer by H2O Innovation!

Stay refreshed at the Liberty Race with Revival Beer by H2O Innovation!

On the occasion of the Liberty Race, a regatta in New York Bay this Friday, May 24, 2024, H2O Innovation will offer its recycled water beer on Governors Island. This special beer is made from water recycled and purified by the company.

Brewed by the masterminds at Evil Twin Brewery in NYC, Revival Beer is a truly unique offering that pushes the boundaries of sustainable brewing. This 3rd Edition is a one-of-a-kind batch, crafted with a remarkable twist and like other editions, it’s made entirely from recycled water.

The water used in this exceptional brew comes from Monterey One Water, a pioneering facility that transforms wastewater into a safe, reliable, and sustainable water supply. Through a cutting-edge, multi-barrier process, the water undergoes primary and secondary treatment, followed by an advanced purification process that separates water from pollutants.

Using some of H2O Innovation technologies, this rigorous process ensures that the recycled water used in Revival Beer meets or exceeds strict State and Federal drinking water standards, making it not only sustainable but also safe for consumption.

With its unique origin and the expertise of Evil Twin Brewery, Revival Beer – 3rd Edition promises to be a truly remarkable and sustainable drinking experience.

Raise a glass to the future of brewing and savor the taste of innovation with every sip.

The Liberty Race: A Spectacular Preview before the New York Vendée

Tomorrow will take place the Liberty Race, an exhibition race of one nautical mile in New York Bay. This race promises breathtaking sights, with the IMOCA yachts sailing past the iconic Statue of Liberty. The event serves as a prelude to the New York Vendée – Les Sables d’Olonne, a transatlantic qualifying race for the next Vendée Globe in November 2024. No fewer than 29 skippers participating in the around-the-world race will take part in this New York sprint.

Starting at 11 AM, the speed runs will commence with the first group setting off on the one-nautical-mile course in New York Bay. Four groups will race successively until 3:30 PM, with start times staggered by a few minutes. This event offers a warm-up before the great Atlantic crossing to Les Sables d’Olonne.

A unique experience not to be missed for beer, environment, and sailing enthusiasts!