Montreal delivers on first stop of tour of Canada!

Montreal delivers on first stop of tour of Canada!

Montreal delivers on first stop of tour of Canada. 

September 8, 2022

After a 5-day passage from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the team from Canada Ocean Racing arrived to the island city of Montreal on 8 September.  Berthed at the Port d’escale, Old Port the shore team and crew kicked off their stay in Montreal with a talk from Skipper Scott Shawyer and his mentor Alex Thomson at the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club.  A packed room of members from local clubs heard from Scott and Alex on the team’s plans and goals for Canada Ocean Racing.  A lively question and answer session followed giving guests further insights into the team’s ambitious long term plans.

Over the weekend the team hosted boat tours, which proved extremely popular – with over 400 people visiting the  boat.  Groups were given tours of the boat by Scott and the team, each gaining an insight into the life of a solo round the world sailor.  Hot topics included sleeping when sailing solo and the lack of kitchen and bathroom facilities on board.

Sailing teams  and students from McGill University Sailing team,  Polyvoile and Rafale ETS, had in-depth technical tours of the boat from the Canada Ocean Racing crew.  With students from McGill volunteering over the weekend to help out with tours.

“The team gave us an incredible tour of their ocean going yacht, covering many of the technical aspects that make these hi-tech boats work – it was fascinating!” Genieve Launch, McGill Student and Sailing Team

Lieutenant-Commander Manuel Pelletier, Commandant Corps de cadets de la Marine Royale Canadienne 6 Victory, brought a contingent of 40 sea cadets on their first day of term.   The crew gave the students a special tour focussing on the science, technology, engineering and maths topics that sailing can demonstrate and bring to life.     The Montreal students were captivated by stories of ocean sailing and all the technical aspects of the boat.  Questions from the knowledge hungry cadets included; How does the water maker work? What happens if your run out of food?  Where is the bathroom?  How do the outriggers keep up the mast? How do you become a sailor and get to work for this team!?

Although none of the students volunteered for the next Vendee Globe, the seeds of fascination for the race and industry were sown.

Amongst the many visitors to the boat, the team were delighted to host Canadian Olympic sailor and Sail GP Head of Training & Development, Tyler Bjorn  from the Canada SailGP Team.

The boat has now departed Montreal and their next stop is Kingston, Ontario.  The team will be hosting boat tours from Kingston Yacht Club on Saturday 17 September from 1000 – 1600, on the hour every hour (first come first served – boat tours limited to 20 people).

Merci Montreal!