Championing Water Positivity on World Water Day

Championing Water Positivity on World Water Day

Championing Water Positivity on World Water Day

As the world commemorates World Water Day on March 22nd, our “Be Water Positive” team stands as advocates for the positivity of water, particularly in the home country of our skipper: Canada. With a mission to raise awareness about water conservation and sustainability, we aim to shed light on the importance of adopting water-positive practices and the critical role they play in safeguarding freshwater resources.

But what does it mean to be water-positive? Simply put, a company or user of freshwater resources is considered water-positive when they contribute more to freshwater resources than they consume. This ethos lies at the heart of the team’s mission, encouraging individuals and businesses alike to embrace practices that reduce, reuse, and sustainably manage water resources.


In Canada, a nation blessed with abundant freshwater resources, the concept of water positivity takes on added significance. “With our Canadian team heritage, water scarcity wasn’t an issue we considered properly” reflects Scott Shawyer, our skipper. “However, having spent time on the oceans surrounded by water that is not usable to us, we now have a new perspective.”

Despite the abundance of water in Canada, our team recognizes the global implications of water scarcity and the urgent need for action. “The oceans provide our racecourse, and we see first-hand an abundance of water, yet this is not usable to us as a means of sustaining ourselves” explains Scott. “We also see the effects of pollution and climate change and reflect on how water scarcity affects so many people around the world and how vital it is to all human life.

Driven by their commitment to water positivity, our “Be Water Positive” team serves as the voice of businesses working towards sustainable water management. Through our advocacy and initiatives, we aim to inspire others to join the movement and make a positive impact on freshwater resources. As part of their efforts, we invite businesses in the water industry to join our cause. Today we proudly support the messages of the IDA and the company H20 innovation that joined us on our journey. By collaborating with such great companies and institutions dedicated to water positivity, we seek to amplify their impact and drive meaningful change.

In alignment with the United Nations’ Water Action Decade, we are committed to mobilizing action and transforming how water is managed. On World Water Day and every day, we remain determined in our mission to protect and preserve our most precious resource: water.

 If you’re interested in your business to join this great project, please reach out to Clem at to learn more about how they can contribute to this vital initiative.